SCT Referring Nurse meets HRH The Princess Royal in the Philippines on Swinfen Telemedicine Spring 2015 news

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 11.37.14 am
On discovering that Her Royal Highness will be visiting the Philippines in March we put in a request to Buckingham Palace for Val Smith-Orr, an SCT referring British nurse who has been running a Burns unit in Zambales since 2009, to attend a reception in the British Embassy in Manila. Val duly attended and was privileged to have a lengthy conversation with The Princess Royal. “Princess Anne asked me how I became involved with SCT: I said that I had been working at the Royal Brisbane Hospital and that is where I met Professor Richard Wootton (Centre of Online Health, University of Queensland) and Professor Roy Kimble, Burns specialist, and that Lord Swinfen had asked me to join SCT in 2009. She asked how it helped me and I said that I could both ask for advice and confirm that what I was doing was the correct treatment of my cases by consulting Swinfen burns and plastic surgeon specialists from around the world. We talked about the main causes of burns. It was simply sublime!!! Forever in my memory”.
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