Triple B Care Projects, Inc. acknowledges the contribution of each of the following partners-in-care:

ANZ Interplast Val has taken many children and adults for reconstructive surgery, to the ANZ Interplast annual mission in Bagiuo since 2008. Those requiring more complicated surgery or facilities are brought to Australia where possible, working together the Children First Foundation.

Interplast exists to repair bodies and rebuild lives; its purpose is to provide life-changing surgery today and sustainable health systems tomorrow. Interplast is a not-for-profit organisation working to improve the quality of life for people who are disabled as a result of congenital or acquired medical conditions such as cleft lip and palate or burn scar contractures. Fully qualified Australian and New Zealand volunteer plastic and reconstructive surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and allied health professionals visit the Asia Pacific region to provide free surgical treatment for patients.

Children First Foundation is a Melbourne based not-for-profit charity. Their mission is to transform the lives of children who need us most by giving hope, exceptional care and pathways to a brighter future. The Foundation has a proud history built on the belief that excellent medical care is a basic right of every child regardless of where they are born.

Children First Foundation receive no government funding and rely on the generosity of donors, corporations, trusts and foundations. With this help from their people and their supporters, they’re able to bring children from developing countries to Australia for surgery that is not available in their country of birth. They also support disabled or chronically ill children in Australia by providing the ‘gap’ funding for equipment and services to improve their quality of life.

Dieter and Bettina Wulkow Foundation (Germany) This foundation chose Triple B Care projects as a beneficiary after German Tracheostomy specialist nurse Toni Wulkhow volunteered for 3 weeks in Val’s clinic in January 2014. In 2015 Toni returned with his partner Diana to volunteer again, this time bringing funds to buy a good car for Val’s use. Her then vehicle, a very old jeep had no handbrake or windows and was accidentally set on fire when some parts were being welded – ironically to make more leg room for the 6’5” tall Toni! Toni helped Val to choose the Toyota Revo, which is automatic, all electric and has air-con and music!! Bliss!!

Dieter & Bettina Wulkow Fdn is also helping a little girl, Sandy now 9yrs old and a patient of Val, who had her left arm amputated following an electrical burn in a local hospital when she was just 6yrs old. A child amputee specialist, Professor Machen from Hamburg has agreed to help Sandy by reconstructing her stump so she is better able to have a prosthetic arm fitted. Sandy and her mum will travel to Germany for this specialist surgery.

Helping Children Smile Val was a founding member of this Qld based organisation who have been sending medical missions to the Philippines since 1996. Since then HCS has helped restore the smiles and change the lives of over 900 children, who would otherwise not be able to afford access to such services. Continue reading here. In 2015 HCS donated two hospital beds,a mobile operating lamp and an autoclave to the Triple B Care clinic.

Helping Hands Healing Hearts Ministries rescues sick and dying Filipino children and gives them hope and practical help. Jesus Saves! They have offices in a local goverment hospital and make daily visits to the wards. They have a referral system to Val for the burns cases they find in need of assistance. Children with burns may be in their care at the Childrens Recovery Unit and taken to the clinic for dressing changes on an outpatient basis. Helping Hands ministry also operates an orphanage in Baguio.

H.O.P.E. Foundation International is a non-profit humanitarian organisation dedicated to providing basic medical and dental assistance to the indigenous Aetas in the Mount Pinatubo locale and the isolated poor of the Philippines. During the 5-7 day medical missions, undertaken every January, the group treats as many as 5,000 patients with different ailments. Physicians of all specialties especially primary care physicians and lay volunteers are welcome and encouraged to join.

Triple B Care Projects, Inc. (Val and Evelyn) joins Hope Foundation International annually with a burns prevention, treatment and education programme at their medical missions held in Kananayan and Cabangan in Zambales. Hope Foundation International send medical supplies to Val for use in her free clinic where several Aeta are treated each year for burns mainly from making ‘uling’ aka charcoal which they bag and sell as for livelihood.

Kadasig Aid & Development (based in Melbourne, Australia) is a voluntary group dedicated to assist in the improvement of life for children and families in Cebu, Philippines , through sponsorship and livelihood programs with ALL money donated being forwarded to those in need. Val was the guest speaker at the 2015 annual fundraising dinner themed “Medicine Matters”. Kadasig Aidand Development supports Val by sending much needed ex-stock medical supplies and volunteers.

Lotus Foundation San Marcelino Zambales Val has been a member of Lotus Foundation since June 2006. Her first assignment was setting up an A & E department in an Aeta community in the mountains and later a ‘grow and glow’ developmental play/gym area for malnourished children. In 2010 the Zambales Speech Centre for Children with Clefts was commenced; providing post op care and speech therapy after cleft surgery to optimize healing and speech.

Lotus Hilfsprogramm e.V Led by Mr Henry Treutner, a retired language teacher, Lotus Hilfsprogramme e.V , based in Germany, helped Val to set up the Zambales Speech Centre for Children with Clefts in March 2010.Together with the Lotus Foundation of Zambales, the ongoing needs to maintain the speech centre are funded on a monthly basis. Each year, Lotus Hilfspogramme assist in the funding of pre-operation work ups for the children and adults attending annual cleft lip& palate/burns surgery mission, held in Benguet General Hospital, Bagiou,Benguet Province. Screening and registration begins in August and all candidates are de –wormed and given vitamin and iron supplements to boost their nutrition and health prior to surgery. This goes along way to ensuring that they are fir and healthy to have the surgery. This goes along way to ensuring that they are fit and healthy.

POC Subic (Philippine Outreach Centre Ministries) is locally basedin Baltao, ministering to the spiritual needs of those in prison and also taking care of the children of those incarcerated. Chrissy Hailes Perillo, the founder, has brought many burns cases to Val’s clinic for treatment , often on a repeat basis and has also helped with much needed medical supplies from England including dressings, pain relief and E45 cream for after a burn has healed.

Project Life Subic, Inc. is designated as a non-profit organization registered by the Philippine Security and Exchange Commission. They are also recognized by the Sanggunian Bayan of both Olongapo City and Subic. They collaborate with churches, local government, public agencies and private organizations to bring much needed services to their community. Their goal is to identify, empower, and strengthen community members to help themselves and others. They do not promote dependency on people or organisations, but they teach people to access resources and equip them to share the knowledge within their own communities. As they work together, they see lives radically changed and communities transformed by the love of Christ.

Swinfen Charitable Trust facilitates a low cost telemedicine service linking doctors at hospitals in the developing world with leading medical and surgical consultants who generously give free advice. Local doctors can send clinical photos, a patient’s history and any other relevant material (such as X-rays) to the Trust. A secure web-based messaging system is used. This allows referring practitioners from hospitals in countries access to consultants (mainly in UK, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand) specialising in a wide range of disciplines. The system is covered 24 hours a day by our systems operators in the UK, USA and New Zealand. The median length of time between receipt of original message and first reply by a specialist consultant is currently 1.5 days.

Val has been with SCT since 2009 and is the first in the Philippines to avail their excellent online telemedicine services for her patients. Val herself received the benefit of lifesaving advice when she logged herself on as a case in 2013 after suffering an insect bite and then developing 2 deep vein thromboses.

Swinfen Charitable Trust generously contributed more than £3000 towards the ‘Build the Clinic’ Campaign and in 2015 sent supplies for use with burns scars ; donated by one of their experienced consultants .

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